Samsung has done it again !

Samsung Galaxy Note - WT Reviews


In October 2011, Samsung released a phone that will once again change the smartphone industry: The Samsung Galaxy Note !


Windows 8 – First Review

WT Reviews - Windows 8 Preview

Yesterday Microsoft released the first preview version of Windows 8. Alot has changed since they last released an OS.

Although Windows 8 is build on Windows 7, Microsoft decided to go the tablet way. Windows 8 will work great both on desktops and tablet PCs. However, the "tablet feel" is present on the desktop version which may be frustrating to a Windows heavy user.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 1– LIMITED Edition Soundtrack

WT Reviews - Harry Potter 7 P1 Soundtrack (Special)

With the final instalment of the Harry Potter films on the doorstep, I could not help but to start reviewing some of the great HP Films Official merchandise.
Warner Brothers released this Special Limited Collector’s Edition (10,000 copies) Set on 21 December 2010. Although some complained about the CD pockets (discussed later), one could not help to miss this opportunity.

The Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

Samsung Galaxy S II - WT Reviews


With no doupt, the iPhone has been the supreme ruler of the smartphone industry. Only a few smartphones had ever been a treat to the iPhone. But there is one phone in particular right now, that might just earn the crown: The Samsung Galaxy S II.

Boasting a duo-core processor, 1 GB of Ram and a 1080 dp Camera, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the ultimate smartphone for the average consumer.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Samsung Chromebook Series 5

So it’s here ! The Samsung Chromebook. But is it worth it to buy it ?

The chromebook comes in two models: The Wifi Version and the Wifi and 3G version. There are also two colours available:  Arctic White and Titan Silver.

This light and thin laptop comes with the new Chrome OS and boasts the 10 second booting time. According to Google, the initial setup takes less than half a minute.

Logitech X-540 5.1 Powered Speaker System

Price:  60 – 120 ( £109).

If you are looking for a cheap yet a high quality surround system then getting Logitech X-540 5.1 Powered Speaker System is the way to go.

I myself have bought this a few days ago and can truly say that they are spectacular for the price I paid.

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Use Hidden Themes In Windows 7 – TUTORIAL

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